There are great advantages and benefits to home ownership. 

Tax Benefits - Property taxes and mortgage interest are fully deductible.

Equity - When the difference from what your home is worth and what you owe is called increased over the time that you own your home. 

Home Equity Loans - This is a less expensive borrowing plan than using and carrying a credit card balance. 

Capital Gain Exclusion - Consult your tax professional for all of the details. Here is a summary: 

  • Live in the home two out of the last five years
  • $250, 000 for individuals and $500,000 for married couples
  • Don't have to buy a replacement home
  • No age restrictions 

Low Interest Rates- Take advantage the low interest rates before they rise.

Avoid Rental Issues 

  • Not at the mercy of the landlord or owner
  • No more rent increases - lock in your mortgage and it is set for a fixed period
  • No more renewing of leases
  • Personal privacy once again

Freedom to Renovate - Feel free to make it your own

Stability for your Family - sense of community and family in your neighborhood

The American Dream- Home ownership is one of the proudest moments in a persons life! 

Call your Mid Iowa Real Estate Team and get on your path to home ownership. 

Mike Franey